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What are talents?

Majas entire knowledge is divided into different subject areas called talents. They include, among other things, actions and dialogues. Since Maja is a self-service AI, you can create your own talents for your specific field, with exactly the expertise that is to be made available to your customers.

Majas Talente

Public and private talents

Public and private talents - the Maja Community

After creating a new talent, you can decide whether you want to use it exclusively for your own company or make it available to the entire community as a public talent. Public talents of other users can also be used and expanded by you as part of the community - by the way, you are a member of the community from the time you use the product.

The actions created in the various talents can also be used publicly or privately, even detached from the talent in which they are found. For example, if you are in the tourism industry, Maja can use the weather action to easily predict the current weather for the desired destination.

Example: Small Talk-Maja per click

If you are new to Maja and have not yet cultivated your own knowledge, you can fall back on existing public talents. If, for example, you activate the Smalltalk talent in the training centre with just one click, Maja can provide the right answer to questions like "Who are you?" etc. All questions and answers contained in the talent are available to you within seconds.

Smalltalk Maja
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