Model complex dialogues - quite simply with Maja!

majaAI dialoge designer

The majaAI dialoge designer allows you to model conversations like in a mind map. Maja can thus ask questions and react differently depending on the user's input. Due to Maja's platform concept, the dialogues are directly available in all channels (e.g. Chatbot, Alexa, Facebook Messenger, etc.). See how easy it is to create dialogs:

majaAI Dialog

majaAI Dialog Verzweigungen


In the dialog designer you can give certain answers or ask questions depending on the input of the user. You can also give the user answers, for example in the form of buttons.

Address your users directly with variables

You can save user input to be able to reuse it later in another place. For example, you can address a user by their name, but you can also save the information they entered in a entity.

majaAI Dialog Variablen

majaAI Dialog Entitäten

Read data using entities

majaAI uses entities to work with data. For example, in a conversation you can show your customer suggestions from your product list.

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