All data sources easily connected - only possibe with Maja!

What are actions?

Actions form the interface between data input and data output. These can be simple image and sound outputs or answers that are stored in the majaAI Training Center. Furthermore, MajaAI actions offer the possibility to access external data sources. These data sources can be open interfaces or own databases. Such a connection can also be used across industries.

For example, a bank uses the stock price action to provide current stock prices in the banking talent. The real estate talent uses the Immofinder action to find current real estate advertisements from a corresponding database. Actions also allow you to programmatically call functions of other services. This makes Maja not only more flexible, but also more powerful!


Open for any data source

One KI open for each data source

majaAI is part of the open bi framework developed by us and has interfaces to more than 30 different data sources. Actions can therefore be used to communicate with third-party systems such as SAP BW, Google Analytics or your own CRM system. Imagine a visitor of your site wants to contact you, leaves his name and phone number at Maja and Maja directly creates an entry in your CRM system. That works!

And if I want to program myself?

You can continue working in your own development environment as usual. In majaAI, you simply store an endpoint that calls your service. Any question asked by the user that you associate with your action is automatically forwarded to your service, including the words and entities that Maja recognized from the question. If you would like to see an example of your own action, simply visit our Github page.

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